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Laura Mvula Niles Rodgers Overcome King Britt Matthew Law Remix
Overcome – Mvula (feat. Niles Rodgers) [King Britt & Matthew Law live remix]
May 7, 2016
WXPN’s “The Key” presents Artist Spotlights: Matthew Law – Fam Is Law
June 17, 2016

Welcome to MatthewLaw.me

Welcome Website Launch

Well, it’s about damn time! For years I was against having a website, and, at this point in my career, I don’t even remember why (haha). So, now that I’ve changed my mind…

…WELCOME TO MATTHEWLAW.ME–your destination for all things from Philadelphia-based DJ/producer/curator Matthew Law! Take a look around to find mixes, event updates, party photos & more!

Matthew Law